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Beyond the darkness of the mystery find the light of your true heart.


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Straight Dying, Intro

Meela woke up late. So groggy, she moaned to herself.  She poked an arm out of the warm sleep nest and prodded her phone, ten o’clock? She pushed the pile of covers off and...



I’ve been working on a project with a friend, he shoots and I write….This is an excerpt from the poem I wrote a tiny fire flickering flame of devotion dancing...


Dream Storyline

A tiger sleeps in a patch of snow on the edge of the ocean. Beside its large shape lay a battle axe and a long sword both gold. The sword and axe sink, the snow melting around...


Make Space

I just finished Steven King’s book On Writing.  It’s compelling as a personal tale, a memoir, but also a clear picture of what works for him.  Plus you get his kind,...


Losing Touch

So last June I took a part time job, I know this is the right path for me. I couldn’t have predicted that, logically I didn’t want that, but intuitively it was the...


Songs and Cars

The first car I remember driving in is a 1970’s blue MG convertible with a tonneau cover in black. I don’t remember any songs from that car. Just the heat of the black...


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