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Beyond the darkness of the mystery find the light of your true heart.


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Where I am, not where I think I should be

I just made the appointment for a CT/PET scan. ┬áIt’s been almost a year. mid May 2014 is when I finished radiation, mid February was when I stopped chemotherapy. This week...

Christine at 9 months

This is what health feels like

It’s been so long since I’ve felt like writing. I thought I’d write about my experience in Mirival with my dear friend, but when it came down to it, I...

Manton CA

Champagne and Bats

I was standing on the deck overlooking the pond in Manton California. My shoulder was gently touching my husband’s; it was getting towards twilight, that magnificent time of...

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Prayers for Radiation

It’s really become clear to me how what I’ve learned in the last few years benefited me during these last 9 months, recently with the book Keys to Ascension and the...



Words have power. Knowing what it is you are speaking and being precise about it does matter. I love looking up the definition of words and then playing with that, I have done it...


Definition of Well

One thing I’ve really noticed during this period of time interacting with the medical world is that what I think is WELL is not the same as what my doctor think...


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