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Beyond the darkness of the mystery find the light of your true heart.


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For Christopher

She felt limp, like a wrung out sponge smelling of mildew. Slightly nauseated. But surprisingly together. She sat, knees curled to one side in the corner of the charcoal velvet...

Photo Nov 24, 12 04 55 PM

Falling into darkness

Stem smooth and pliable, the fabric of leaf body stretched between veins of red. It catches on the ridges of my fingers and with my eyes closed I think I could dive into this....


A Day Off, my very own tiny space opera

Flash Fiction Again!  Well this time Chuck Commands  You should write 1000 words of space opera. That’s it. Them’s the only rules. One genre. One story. Flash fiction. Dang...


Sausalito Fog

Hey there,  you may sense that I’m doing something different with my blog and you’re right!  Last week I created a character as part of a flash fiction challenge for...


The Five Personality Patterns

Hello all! Last year I began work on an illustration project. It’s been years since I’ve actively dran. When my friend Steven Kessler invited me to take a stab at...


Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge

Create a character in 250 words or less. Bells ring as I push open the door. It’s dusty and seems empty, but the sign outside did say open. I step in; let the door close behind...


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