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Beyond the darkness of the mystery find the light of your true heart.


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Songs and Cars

The first car I remember driving in is a 1970’s blue MG convertible with a tonneau cover in black. I don’t remember any songs from that car. Just the heat of the black...

Manton CA

Summer Memories

The clouds spun lazy over head, moving like slow sweet cream. Blowing west to east away from the sun and heading towards Mt. Lassen, twice faded into the background blue. Her butt...


The Black Overcoat

She came rushing up to the coffee house tables clicking boot heels on cobble stones  and a black overcoat like wings. “Be a good chap and piss off, won’t you?” She put her...

8 lets be in love (www.cute-pictures.blogspot.com)

Friendship lights it up

In various astrology posts that I follow it seems that super negative energy flowers through our reality. We can see it, the acts of terrorism that pop up everywhere…in the...


For Christopher

She felt limp, like a wrung out sponge smelling of mildew. Slightly nauseated. But surprisingly together. She sat, knees curled to one side in the corner of the charcoal velvet...

Photo Nov 24, 12 04 55 PM

Falling into darkness

Stem smooth and pliable, the fabric of leaf body stretched between veins of red. It catches on the ridges of my fingers and with my eyes closed I think I could dive into this....


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