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Brooke and Danny’s beautiful baby boy was born Thursday June 7th, at 3:41am.  It was a powerful and relatively swift labor, and all are doing great.   Birth is a deeply humbling and reverent experience. I am so happy and honored I was given the opportunity to support this couple as they brought this spirit into the world.

We had a last session, during Brooke’s 40th week of pregnancy.   Using Tami Kent’s visualization to walk the pelvic bowl, Brooke had a great opportunity to have one more session with herself.  She sunk into her body and listened.  She cleared blocks to the spirit door and received the wisdom present for her.  She closed her visualization by enveloping the baby in love and inviting the spirit to come on in the body and through the spirit door.    Feeling receptive as well as able to do what needed to be done to bring the baby through the spirit door she entered her last week of pregnancy feeling supported and strong.  Which was definitely something she drew upon during labor.  I hope in a few weeks Brooke will share her views on how readings and energy healing was helpful to her in her pregnancy and through the delivery process.  Thank you Brooke for allowing me to share your journey with everyone. It’s an incredible gift to get to see within the process of a mother working energy and getting ready for labor and beyond.


I love you Brooke!! Congratulations on your beautiful transition to motherhood and this joyous peaceful new being who has entered your heart!