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Adoration is a project I’m working on with Sean Forsythe, who’s a Destiny fireteam member.  The poem is a 13 stanza piece that is paired with his beautiful photography.



I gathered

thin branches

stripped off the leaves

and wove a


invited you to

lay inside

I carried you

in my palm

an ostensory

of my own design

so that I may see

your beauty in the wind

you float


a tiny fire

flickering flame

of devotion

dancing beneath

my fingers

lighting the darkness

delicate and fine


skin stretching

knitting over bone

a prayer

a spell

a charm

bringing form

to that which is formless

to that which flies


i bid the oceans

to run through

blew starlight

into the vessel

that became



pulled by the tides

into thin ribs

gently came the Breath

feel the

rise and fall


rise and fall


the arches began

to move softly

in and out

a bellows

as you began to






from the window pane

of my ribs

it flies

it thrums

and longs to


its way free


my fingers caressed

each knob

each bump

bones and branches

wood and stone

radiating warmth

leaving it


softly cool



I sit unseeing

and listen to the rustling

and murmuring

of those

just out of sight

just beyond my

vision, understanding


they fly about me

wisps wrapping


stone cold

pressed into knees

and the thin

scars branching silver

over tender thighs


a violent thing

blood red

i held you against

my body

knees and elbows  

your trembling



i saw you and held you

beyond knowing

beyond stars

beyond scars and trembling

and self

yet the mists come in


silent settles

wrapping all in scars

and mystery

just beyond my vision

my understanding