Doula Session 1: Week 27

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I met Brooke at the studio at 10:30 on a beautiful Saturday.  The cottage heat was already on, so my attic studio was warm and cozy.   As I do with in-person sessions, we spent a few minutes chatting. Brooke and I know each other very well so there is always something to share and giggle about. We spent some time using our conscious minds to discuss what’s been coming up for Brooke so we could sense some themes. In listening to her talk the strongest themes were:

  1. Body changes going from second trimester to third trimester.
  2. Relationship changes and shifting intimate landscapes.
  3. Lineage. Brooke’s sister just recently gave birth and there are six grandchildren in her family already.   She wanted to honor that lineage, but also make room for her birth and labor style and instincts.

Then I set the space, grounding the room, and clearing the energies.  I had also brought a few books; not to read or look at, but to have their energy in the field of our session. The books were:

  • Mothering from your Center by Tami Kent for its sweet loving medicine.
  • Unassisted Homebirth: an Act of Love by Lynn M. Griesemer for holding the possibility that the body ultimately knows EXACTLY what to do, without help; also for its courage.
  • Woman, an Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier for its magical and beautiful portrayal of the woman’s body.
  • The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises, by Blandine Calais-Germain for its physical and structural anatomy (because mine isn’t the strongest).

The very first image I saw was a profile of Brooke receiving the golden river of spirit. It flowed down into the crown of her head, over the front of her body and into the womb, swirling around the baby, and then grounding out through her feet. She looked very much in the flow of her higher self as well as bringing the spirit energy of this baby into the body. It was amazing to see the energetic flow of a human transitioning from the spirit realm to the physical right in front of my eyes.  I’m always blown away by and completely in awe of this process.   I reflected this verbally for Brooke to validate her and bring her conscious attention to this wisdom that she embodies. As the session got rolling the lineage theme came strongly to the forefront.   As Brooke began to work with the energy I reflected the images I saw back to her. It looked like the energy of her family was very large in her space and I saw some fear of being able to hold her own space within this.    I suggested that we do an ancestor healing with a basic technique from Lynda Caesara that I recently learned.   The basic premise of this healing is that by having children each of your ancestors gave a spiritual oath to support their decedents.   So what Brooke did was visualize in front of her all her ancestors, both on her mother’s side and father’s side as WELL as adding her partner’s ancestors, because we could enlist his family’s help for the baby and for her as his wife and mother of his child.   Using her own words, Brooke told all the ancestors before her to heal their unresolved issues, and to bring their strengths and wisdom to stand behind her in support of the labor and birth, continuing into the life of the child.  As we watched, one-by-one they began to file behind her and lend their strength in supporting her field.  Brooke reported this as a huge shift.  The image of them standing behind her was so much more supportive and comforting than milling about all around her, which was how it felt and looked at first.

I want to make clear that though I showed Brooke this tool and walked her through it, SHE worked this energy for herself and her child. I held space and gave her my feedback through reporting my observations in order to validate and support her energy medicine.  In doing this healing other things began to come forward and she was able to distinguish some observations about the mothers in her life and begin to shift her energy. I’ll describe what I saw as she was working this.

Now remember how I saw in the beginning that Brooke was in the flow of her understanding and spiritual wisdom regarding this birth?   In working with her lineage things changed a bit.  Brooke is a very grounded person; her energy in the face of the family lineage showed this grounding very clearly.  Her energy changed to look more like a beautiful golden teardrop, clearly defined boundaries, very grounded and connected to the earth and her baby. This change from a channel of energy, a river from source into her body, to one of a teardrop with a slim connection to source was a reaction to her lineage. She felt fear that the family energy took away from her natural spiritual wisdom.   In contracting from her lineage energy, she went to her natural strengths, physical grounding and boundaries. She’s amazing at this!  It was beautiful, and an effective defense mechanism.  But this diminished the wisdom available to her from her source. I suggested that she try to connect actively up to her higher self, her divine self.  The teardrop shape suggested to me that she was connected, but that the energy flow was lessened due to energetic pressure from the lineage.  By practicing connecting up to her source, to her own innate wisdom, she could restore the beautiful river of golden light flowing into her mind, body and womb.  By practicing visualizing this she actually creates more space for her own natural wisdom, this restores her power and allows her to choose which information from the lineage would best support her needs.

As we wrapped up the session we were really excited, because we had a pelvic floor yoga workshop with Leslie Howard to go to.  What a day, a lineage clearing and then 4 hours of information about the pelvic floor from Leslie.  I’ll write about that in the next post.