Doula Session 2: Week 34

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I haven’t written much, but I thought I better set some thing down before Brooke goes into labor!  We’re now at 39 plus weeks!

Brooke and I are cousins by the way, both friends and cousins. It’s a real treat to spend time with her during her pregnancy.    In April at 34 weeks she had a blessing way and asked me to create a blessing.  The thing is, I usually shy like crazy away from ritual! I had an aversion to women’s circles, to pagan ceremonies, to church, to Native American sweats. I just couldn’t bear them, even though I had a longing for the divine in my life, for magic and for meaning, something about ritual gave me the heebie jeebies. Until I started taking energy classes with Lynda Caesara AND my own personal spiritual experience reached this current level.  With Brooke’s invitation and support I began to craft and write a blessing for her blessing way.

Brooke felt really drawn to river rocks; she and her husband used them at their wedding for people to write good wishes on.  She thought this also might be a good medium for blessings from her friends and family. Also they could be portable and we could bring them to the birth center.  In the blessing way invitations Brooke asked the guests to please bring a blessing or a wish for her birth and labor.

Prior to guests arriving I grounded and blessed the space where we’d hold our ceremony.  I noticed I was a bit nervous, but that grounding the space and myself really helped. Have I mentioned I’ve shied away from public speaking as well?? Haha.  It felt good stepping out of my comfort zone.  After lunch I asked the ladies to grab a rock and write their blessings on it.  Sitting in the warm sun of the couple’s new home I soaked in the laughter and talk of the women as they created their blessing stones.

Each woman brought her rock upstairs to the wide-open living room. The house was so new there was barely any furniture, which was perfect for our blessing!  The room is blessed with a view of the bay so we had expansive abundant light. I asked Brooke to sit on a chair with her feet up so that we could create a circle with the rocks around her.  I then led the group in grounding and getting present.  Getting into the seat of our feminine energy each women then charged her rock with the energy of her blessing, allowing it to flow from her body, through her hands into the stone.

Then each woman placed her blessing, encircling Brooke with the stones. I then called the blessing of the great mother, the divine feminine, the mystery from whence we all came; she who holds the creative power of all women, those who create art, music business, food, clothing as well as babies. I asked the mother to seal the blessings in these stones so that we could create a field of wisdom for Brooke during her labor. As I spoke these words I could feel the resonance of my body change, the tone of my voice felt different and I truly felt the presence of the Mother as I asked for her protection during the labor, that it be rich powerful, loving healthy and safe.

Savoring the energy we had created I paused and then asked all the women to step to one side of our circle. Labor is a powerful journey, but it’s only the first step.

I created a gate in the circle and finished our ceremony by saying “Know as you exit labor held by the blessings of these stones and have your new babe on your breast that it is these women who will be there to receive you, to support and love you on your journey of motherhood. With this in mind, step through the gateway into the loving arms of your family and friends!”

The day ended with much laughter and talking.  Loving sweet friendship filled the room.

Brooke’s Thoughts:

“I also had an aversion to ritual till I became pregnant and realized the power in it. I began to feel the need to include it in this portion of my life. I believe that I received the ritual on a cellular level. The physical, mental and energetic experience is remembered in my body and heart as it helped me create my intention.  It reminded me of the abundance of love and wisdom surrounding my life.  In preparing for labor and birthing this was so important for me because it actually gave me a tangible thing or moment to reference when things get intense.  Something to refer to for coping as I birth my first baby.”