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In various astrology posts that I follow it seems that super negative energy flowers through our reality. We can see it, the acts of terrorism that pop up everywhere…in the debate on whether to take in refugees and open our hearts and lands to help or the fear that causes us to say shut the boarders, no one else!! We’ll be safe, turn them away!…. It’s happening world wide it seems, muslim world, easter world, western world. The crazy is alive and well.

I was talking to my friend about this, and realized that I had felt pretty fine all day yesterday.  So this morning I took a moment to look. And what I saw was dark choppy waves, storms coming, and chaotic winds, dark clouds ahead, boats being battened down and tossed around. I found yesterday that the thing that kept me grounded and feeling happy was being around children. I had spent the morning on a field trip with my son’s class. Twenty One  7 year olds, buttoned up in raincoats and being pelted with rain and buffeted by wind as they used umbrellas made for hands twice their size. As we walked, the umbrellas’ blocked their view forward, and they careened off each other and walls and trash cans. They chatted and laughed and giggled and I could see thoughts traveling up and down the line, impulses.  If one noticed a red leaf, then it rippled through the line two by three by two’s till the word red or the word leaf percolated up in each group’s conversation and vision. Escorting them through a crosswalk, watching to make sure they stayed within the lines I used my body to signal cars that hey, you can’t cross yet cause munchin’s are present.

We saw firemen come down the fire pole, we got inside a fire engine. We had a librarian read books to us and call out our imagination, each one different, each one picturing something else sparked by the words she read. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I found myself listening and calling out at the right time with the children….as the alligator chewed on the door, where the children scared “YOU BET THEY WERE!”. as the alligator prowled through the house, where the children scared “YOU BET THEY WERE!” .as the alligator gnashed his teeth, where the children scared “YOU BET THEY WERE!”….. Till the end, where the children took charge and told the alligator to GO AWAY and was he scared? “YOU BET HE WAS!” we shouted in joy! As the alligator of fear crawls through our consciousness if we take agency, the Alligator will go away! What a lesson. What does the Bible say? something like “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” ?

Later in the day another lesson. I picked up my children and made popcorn. We curled up on the couch and watched Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. At the end, the Dark Lord inhabits Harry’s body, and Harry must wrestle with how much darkness he too feels inside, how much he fears he is like the dark lord, angry, cruel, powerful. And it is his FRIENDS that cause him to look at his heart, his friends who love him, the memories of hugs, and laughter. His parents beaming at each other. It is love and community and connection that brings him from wrestling with the darkness to a place of compassion. And it is THIS that pushes the dark lord out. Harry feels sorry for him, with all his power, he has no love, no friendship. Compassion lightens the darkness, heals his fears. Friendship. So today people, hug those you love. Say hello to a parent as you’re picking up kids, give your barista a friendly smile. It’s the love in your life that heals you and heals the world. Love and friendship. I wish that for all of us…