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I just finished Steven King’s book On Writing.  It’s compelling as a personal tale, a memoir, but also a clear picture of what works for him.  Plus you get his kind, wry voice throughout, which is sweet.

He echoes much of what I’ve heard from other writers and artists.  Which is: MAKE SPACE!

Make space, mental and physical for your ideas/muse/inspiration. If you don’t, they may come, but if you make space you are far more likely to be ready to hear the idea and catch it.  Now of course you may make space and the muse may NOT come.  But sending out the invitation, but energetically making space, makes it much more likely.

Some writers say it’s discipline.  Sit at your desk, write the words, every day. Inspired or not, make the words. This seems like the same thing to me open the conduit, be there whether something comes through or not. Back in the old Landmark days we’d say, “committed but not attached.”

Meaning be relaxed about it, be loose. You’ve signaled you are ready, you’ve made the space, you’re committed. But you know it’s up to the powers that be after that.  Your job is to write the words, and be ready to catch what the inspiration comes by.

So here I sit, today at Cole Coffee, once again. This time though surrounded by the foggy glass windows, looking out instead of being part of the 63rd street scene. People’s voices blend into a happy stream and I give my 40 minutes., my shop door is open. But there is so much political input, so much news to digest that I feel paralyzed.  Too much input to get a story out, not enough of that empty space. (I try to turn the input into action, by using

That’s OK though, just sitting in my seat, putting words out…..Several ideas spin around in my head, but nothing really settles down.   I’m here, enjoying the spin, being ready and available.