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It’s really become clear to me how what I’ve learned in the last few years benefited me during these last 9 months, recently with the book Keys to Ascension and the group at Raise the Planet, to just time put in meditating and praying.  I’m seeing it in how I work with the radiation and my experience of it.  The experience with radiation was very different. I was terrified of doing it, because of the long term side effects.   But the experience of it was, much like an X-Ray, almost like nothing. Here’s how it differed from the chemo experience, besides chemotherapy beinga liquid and systemic poison…. Radiation is short and every day instead of something that lasts for many days (like meditating for 10 min vs. all day). I find I can focus and be diligent about my process.  Secondly, it’s energy. It’s gamma rays.  For whatever strange reason I can identify with it easier than the chemo.


This is how my day would go. Every weekday I would go to the hospital, get my little wrist band and go change into a gown from the top up. There is very little waiting.  Typically I get changed and then I get into the rad room and I’m laying on the table.  Here’s my process. For those of you who are looking for a technique to get through an experience like mine…

First thing I say the prayer for protection. Then I say the prayer of St. Francis.  I then identify the energy of the radiation as God’s energy/light.  I ask Archangel Michael to please allow me to align with the intense energy about to enter my body; I basically ask him if I can match him and the Creator.  Often I see him as gold/purple energy, pure pulsing light. Sometimes the image of being sheltered in his arms comes to me, of being gathered in.

I often felt hands on my shoulders.  Also many times I would see many people around me. My helpers, guides, the people I love.

Then I again say the Protection Prayer.  The four archangels take places at my head and feet and at each side. They seem to clasp hands and lean back and this forms an energetic shield. At least that’s what it looks like.   

Then I imagine a gold bubble all around me and I connect out to deep space, because the gamma rays need a place to go. I don’t want the energy to be stuck in my bod. I want it to pass through me.  I then ask the light to purify my flesh, to let this light purify each of my cells so that the dead cells are washed away, the sick cells are healed and the healthy cells are increased in capacity to hold light.  Sometimes I imagine a rose or a shield between me and the rad machine, that way any excess energy can be filtered off to deep space. But sometimes I asked for the Christ light to enter my body and I just trusted.

I usually repeat these prayers till the session is over. Usually only 10-15 minutes.  Several times as I said the prayer of St. Francis I was filled with an intense sense of love and joy.  Literally it was like seeing my babies faces for the first time, or looking into my husband’s eyes or smelling spring and the cool breeze on my face, jasmine and sunshine, washing over everything. I felt so full of love and joy.  Many times I just trusted that Michael would take care of me.  I pictured sitting in that light and that was that.

Other times I’ve felt Michael opened his mouth and breathed the radiation through me like a dragon’s roar.

Mostly I’d be lying there on the table for 10-15 minutes full of love and trust.   Every day, for 22 sessions. One can see how this is different from the despair of chemotherapy.  I am sure the physical reasons are many, but for me I look at how interesting it is that with one form of killing my cells I could hold my alignment, and with the other I found it very difficult to align with it. I don’t know what that means, perhaps it’s just the systemic nature of chemotherapy itself. Perhaps it’s that attitude makes all the difference. Perhaps many things

I am through with radiation now. We wait for the next step, feeling that strange space of no confirmation of health, that is the hallmark of surviving cancer.   One just goes on….hopefully the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop becomes less and less as I walk more firmly into health.  I have a scan in July sometime. Until then I exercise and sleep and enjoy the summer!

May this find you well and enjoying the same!


I could never have experienced this without Allfaaraa’s teachings. Without the experience of working to heal our members in need, without knowing that I’m here to be of service to clear my karma and then help us all get back home, I never would have had the relationship with Michael that I have now.


Bless you Allfaaraa, bless you all