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I struggle with what to write in a time like this. I find it hard to concentrate on my own goals, wondering how much those can matter in the face of environmental tragedy and disaster the size of what is happening in Japan.  Yet I find myself affected, having strange temper tantrums, and feeling out of sorts. I know we are all affected, whether we are worrying about family in Japan, or worried about what will happen here at home.  It’s easy to feel like the individual has no effect in a situation like this, but I think that is a potential pitfall.  A bit of apathy that can keep you from acting and from living fully.

There is a lot of fear in the bay area about radiation. I feel people around me getting ready for a disaster of our own, and I think preparation is a good thing. I myself have gathered supplies and have prepared back packs full of food, first aid and warm blankets.  We are actually pretty together, thank goodness for Burning Man. All of our camping gear is in one spot and it addresses many of the needs we will have in an emergency.   This is good! Go through your plans, make sure you’re prepared. But don’t get stuck in the panic! Consider what there is to do, and do it. And then go on about your life, donate to Japan, heck even fly there to help if that’s what is there for you to do. But don’t get stuck worrying and wondering what will happen.  I always always think (you can ask any client of mine) about Brer Rabbit. The worry is like the tar baby that he keeps wrestling with, the more he wrestles, the more it sticks to him.

Wondering how to get unstuck?  A very short visualization may help

Ground yourself and imagine you are connected up to the Sun.

Picture in front of you a bubble, and imagine that all the worry flows from your body into the bubble.

Watch all the worry seep into the bubble, watch it grow and take on color.

When you are ready, send that bubble away from you, and imagine it popping, like fireworks

The act of destroying this bubble sends the energy back into the earth where it can be recycled into clean useful energy, available for the earth or anyone to use.

Above your head imagine a big golden sun.

Imagine that you are secure, totally prepared and able to handle any eventuality with strength and ease. Imagine the best possible outcome for you and the planet.

Imagine all of that in your golden sun, and call your energy back from wherever it may be.  As it flows in, the sun grows in strength and brightness.

When you are ready, pull that golden sun in through the crown of your head.

Feel the strength and grace flowing into your body filling you up from toes to crown.

Feel your connection down to the earth, and imagine that this energy flows down into her too.

You are connected in a constant circuit.  As she affects you, so you can affect her.

As you ground, so we help to stabilize and ground her!

When you are ready, open your eyes, take a few minutes and go about your day knowing you can handle everything you need to!

Want something more active to do?

You could join a meditation group such as the Earth Stabilization Project

Donate to the Red Cross.

Call your neighbors and touch base about an emergency plan.

Check out what Doctors Without Borders is up to. To learn more about the organization’s efforts or make a donation, visit

I find that I have lots of hope for the future, even in the face of recent painful events.   I truly believe our job here on the planet right now is to keep our faith, to hold an image of the good life in your mind, hold peace in your mind, hold survival and plenty for all in your mind, even in the face of the earth causing such huge disasters in her efforts to change her vibration, even in the face of such brutalities as what happened in Wisconsin, in the midst of environmental terror.  The vibration on our planet is changing, although things can seem bad at times,  I know that we can shed these things  and continue moving forward.  Keep moving toward the light.