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As a recent session reminded me, transformation isn’t always pretty. In fact it rarely is. My own stumbling path towards my self has shown me this time and time again, but a reminder is always welcome. I’ve spent many nights lately wondering what this life is all about. There is so much pain, and so much suffering on the globe right now, and I’ve had a few sleepless nights wondering why.  We pray for healing of our global waters and the waters of Japan, only to find out that the nuclear reactor is leaking into the ocean directly.   Why this is happening is beyond me, finding a positive interpretation again is beyond me.  I found my nights filled with sorrow.

Then a recent client session showed me personal transformation as a mirror of global transformation.  It ain’t pretty!  In life when we come to realize we aren’t following our true voice, and when we begin to reveal to ourselves and the people in our lives what that voice sounds like often the result is that our relationships change. Perhaps friends can’t be around you, or you around them. Perhaps your marriage may move toward divorce, or equally it may move toward more closeness. As you slip off the layers of resistance, and you work towards self knowledge it can be unsettling as well as joyous, it can cause tears and grief as well as peace.  It’s a challenge to keep moving through this towards your true heart, toward your goal of authenticity.   Yet the pain doesn’t always mean stop and go back to the way it was. It sometimes means you’re exercising new muscles, and it sometimes means owning up to and facing the effect you have had on the people around you.

The world seems in the grip of a huge transformation. My faith and my vision tell me this is the time for us to all face important realities about ourselves. This is the time to reach out in love and community. This is the time for being true and holding onto a faith of love and joy. The transformation is uncomfortable, witness the revolutions in the middle east, the transformation has no words or explanations on a human level, witness the suffering in Japan, this shift causes fear, uncertainty and chaos, witness the atrocities against children in Texas and in Southern California. On an individual personal human level these are at times violent devastating acts, calling those involved to examine their actions, their lives. At best I can say that these experiences are giving individuals the opportunity to reach through pain and suffering to touch their tender hearts, reaching out to their families, communities in a new and loving way. At worst I can only lay in bed at night and say the darkness is powerful on our planet.  There is dark and light in each one of us, it’s a mystery to me the challenges we set for ourselves on this material plane.  For those that can I ask you to look into your hearts, to love those around you as powerfully as you can. Extend the kindness to as many people as you can, and be true to yourself.   Be grateful for your life, and let that resonate through the world.

Transformation is not comfortable.  Be kind to your body. Eat well, Drink the pure water. Radiate your gratitude.